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Game Wizard 32 PRO 3.0A IMA Disk Image - Created with WinImage
Game Wizard 32 PRO 3.0A DFI Disk Image - Created with DiskFactory32
Game Wizard 32 PRO 3.0 working installer files - Found

I realized yesterday that nobody seems to have created a disk image for Game Wizard 32 PRO by Enhanced Software Design (Ray Hsu & Gerald Ryckman). Although I did purchase it when it was still commercially available I haven't actually used the disk since I first installed it on a long gone 486. I just installed the official 3.0A update to the disk and created an image file of it to fill the void I noticed. I'm very surprised it hasn't bit-rotted and still works like it's 1995. Now, it'll be preserved forever.

To use it in DOSBox, unzip the image file gwp30a.ima into the root of your virtual dos directory eg. c:\dos\ then use the imgmount command in DOSBox to mount it like this: "imgmount a: c:\dos\gwp30a.ima -t floppy". Finally, go to the a: drive and run install.exe. Once it's installed, remember to run gwsetup.exe to configure it for your virtual dos environment.

I've been using version 3.0 for quite a while, both on my old dos towers and laptops and of course the excellent DOSBox software since I couldn't find my original disk (it fell behind the desk drawer). There are several versions floating around, most that didn't work for me. I've included the one copy of version 3.0 that finally worked which I downloaded a long time ago.
In order to install the loose installer files in Dosbox, unzip it to a directory EG. c:\gwpro\ and use the subst command to map that directory to the a drive eg. "subst a c:\gwpro" then run install.exe from your new virtual A: drive.

I've noticed that the 3.0A update causes a noticeable pause that wasn't there in the 3.0 version after Game Wizard has just been started and is displaying the splash screen on real hardware. If you think your system's hung, just wait a few more seconds.